Dr Ong’s statement on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

(Updated 27 Aug 2021)

In line with the state and national response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Ong has taken these steps to safeguard his patients and staff in the practice during lockdown. Dr Ong is registered with NSW Health to be COVID-SAFE:

  • Sanitisers located at reception, patient waiting area, consulting and examination areas.
  • Sneeze-guard screens at reception.
  • Face screens and N95 masks worn by staff.
  • Industrial grade air-filtration at patient waiting area.
  • Regular bleaching of all touch-surfaces.
  • Face masks available for all vulnerable patients (over 60s, cancer patients, etc). These include Level 3 surgical masks and selected patients will be provided N95/P2 masks.
  • Regular reminders for hand-washing.
  • Strict observation of social distancing rules including limiting the number of people in the waiting area, and limiting to 2 support people per patient during consultations.
  • Temperature measure for every person that enters the rooms with QR code recording of tracing details.
  • ALL PATIENTS presenting to the rooms for consult require evidence of a negative COVID test result less than 48 hours old.

FAQ for patients about their procedures:

Can I still get an appointment to see Dr Ong?
Yes you can – Dr Ong is operating with normal hours. New patients are still being seen and selected patients are being followed-up over telephone (TeleHealth).

What if I want to see Dr Ong but am worried about coming to the rooms?
Dr Ong is taking extreme precautions in his rooms to decrease/minimise risk of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) infections (see list above). Your risk should be contained/minimised but if you are still concerned, email or call the rooms to arrange a TeleHealth/phone audio or video consult (limitations apply).

What will happen to my surgery?
If you are having surgery for cancer or suspicion of cancer, this will go ahead. If you are unsure, it is best to check with Dr Ong where you stand in terms of priority. Surgical activity in the private hospitals is operating at reasonably normal levels. (update on 24/7/2021) – Non-urgent elective surgeries at the Public Hospital have been postponed for the time being with resumption of normal activity to be advised. All patients undergoing surgery require a COVID test 72 hours or less prior to admission.

I am worried I may have breast cancer/have a breast lump/thyroid cancer/thyroid lump. Can I still see Dr Ong quickly?
Dr Ong’s rooms remains open at regular times and are still seeing patient normally with the precautions mentioned above. Your cancer will still be treated as efficiently and at the high-standards as before. Nothing has changed in this regard. Dr Ong recommends you do not delay seeking medical consultations if concerned about your health.

How long will this situation last?
There will continue to be Covid outbreaks and “waves” from time to time until mass vaccination/herd immunity is developed in Australia. As of this moment, please take recommended precautions as advised by NSW Health including social distancing, regular hand-washing, stay at home if unwell and if you have symptoms, get tested for coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) immediately. Vaccines are being rolled-out nationally at the time of this notice and Dr Ong recommends vaccination sooner rather than later for those who are eligible.