Breast Cancer Management

Dr Ong is one of the main surgeons who manages breast cancer in Sydney. He treats public (Medicare-only), privately-insured and DVA patients.

He leads the Macarthur Breast Cancer service which sees >150-200 new cases of breast cancers a year. He is an integral member of the breast oncology clinical team and regularly directs the multidisciplinary management of breast cancer patients at the Macarthur Cancer Centre.

He is a surgeon at BreastScreen NSW and is involved in the treatment of screen-detected breast cancers.

BreastScreen NSW Surgeon, Dr Ong.

Dr Ong has improved the services for breast cancer patients in Macarthur through the following initiatives:

  • Acquisition of a wireless sentinel node probe. The device is one the most accurate detectors in the world, enabling smaller incisions for sentinel node biopsies. Narrower targeting enables less dissection of tissues, potentially causing less pain, leading to quicker recovery.
  • Dr Ong partners with leading plastic surgeons to offer women the full range of breast reconstruction options after cancer surgery.
  • First surgeon to introduce on-site sentinel node biopsy to potentially avoid a second operation for the patient.
  • First surgeon to set-up an on-site hookwire service at the public hospital so breast cancer patients do not have to travel between different sites, reducing stress and anxiety on the day of surgery.

Dr Ong is passionate about the holistic care and quality management of patients with breast cancer. Newly diagnosed breast cancer patients can often be seen in the same day or within 1-2 days of their diagnosis.

Call (02) 4629 0900 to book an urgent appointment.

Dr Ong demonstrating the wireless sentinel node probe (2015)
Dr Ong & the wireless probe (2015)
Cutting edge sentinel node surgery (Macarthur Advertiser May 2011).
Cutting edge sentinel node surgery (Macarthur Advertiser May 2011).
Breast cancer survivors (permission obtained from patients).
2012 Breast cancer survivors (permission obtained).
Dr Ong's patient (permission obtained) - a Breast cancer survivor and advocate.
Dr Ong’s patient – a survivor (permission obtained).
Dr Ong fighting against breast cancer (2015).
Dr Ong fighting against breast cancer (2015).

Dr Ong in the news (2016) supporting Macarthur cancer services.


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