General Surgery

Dr Andrew Ong is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

Dr. Ong is a general surgeon with clinical and academic responsibilities. He lectures medical students, allied health professionals, nursing staff, junior doctors and GPs. Dr. Ong is a clinical examiner with the College of Surgeons and also assists with undergraduate medical student examinations by the Western Sydney University Medical School.

He is on-call for surgical emergencies at Campbelltown Public Hospital, which runs the 2nd busiest emergency department in New South Wales (over 80,000 presentations/year). On-call general surgeons such as Dr. Ong, manage a broad variety of emergencies such as appendicitis, gallbladder attacks, hernia and bowel emergencies, abscesses, trauma, as well as emergencies from other surgical and medical specialties.

As an active general surgeon, he is experienced in procedures such as laparoscopic cholecystectomies (keyhole gallbladder removals for gallstone and polyp diseases) and repairs on average 3-6 hernias a week, mostly laparoscopic (keyhole repairs). He is a full-time clinician.

He participates in a statewide audit of surgical practice as a first and second-line assessor for the NSW CHASM audit program (part of the Clinical Excellence Commission).

Dr. Ong introduced laparoscopic ventral hernia repairs to Macarthur. Laparoscopic repairs have been shown to potentially lower infection and hernia recurrence. He was nominated as one of the preceptors for BARD© HERNIA. He introduced the “echo positioning system” to Macarthur, which facilitates laparoscopic repairs of complex ventral hernias.

Dr Ong sees WorkCover hernia patients and is consulted for WorkCover hernia-related matters in his practice.

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