Thyroid & Parathyroid

Dr Andrew Ong, endocrine surgeon.
Dr Andrew Ong, endocrine surgeon.

Dr Ong is one of the main endocrine surgeons in south-western Sydney and the endocrine surgeon in Macarthur.

He manages patients with endocrine problems who potentially require surgery. Examples include:

  • Thyroid cancer
  • Multinodular goitre (lumps in the thyroid)
  • Graves disease (“the angry thyroid”)
  • Toxic nodule in the thyroid (“the angry thyroid lump”)
  • Retrosternal goitre (thyroid dipping into the chest causing compression)
  • Thyroiditis (inflamed thyroid)
  • Swallowing or choking symptoms
  • Calcium imbalances from parathyroid enlargement (adenoma)

ANZ Endocrine Surgeons member, Dr Ong.

He is a member of ANZ Endocrine Surgeons and his goal is quality management of the thyroid and parathyroid surgical patient. For example vocal cord examinations (laryngoscopy) and intra-operative nerve monitoring are carried out routinely, to ensure quality control of surgery.

Triumphs in endocrine surgery for Macarthur:

  • Dr Ong collaborated with the endocrine service to establish an area-first (SWSLHD), endocrine surgical outpatient clinic at Campbelltown Public Hospital, located in the brand new complex (part of the multi-million dollar redevelopment).
  • The first in South-Western Sydney to utilise the “Thunderbeat” – an evolutionary device that streamlines the operating field.
  • With the help of 24 Fight Against Cancer, acquired a state-of-the-art nerve monitor for endocrine surgery at Campbelltown Public Hospital. The monitor enables safe surgery to be performed at all times, particularly for complex thyroid and parathyroid patients.
  • In another first for Macarthur, Dr Ong collaborated with i-Med radiology, to be the first surgeon to utilise 4D-CT and MRI for complex parathyroid patients.

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